Sonarlint connected mode does not snyc rules between sonarlint and custom quality profile(sonarqube)

We are using sonarqube developer edition v9.6.1, I am trying to achieve sonarqube connected mode with sonarlint. I am using IntelliJ IDEA 2022.1.2 (Ultimate Edition) as an IDE and sonarlint v7.2.0.56810

I have already configured sonarlint with sonarqube and also binded the target project in IDE. I have checked the ruleset between server and sonarlint. But the rules are not in sync.
The custom quality profile rules not sync after all the configuration. Please refer the following image.

Rule from custom quality profile that is not activated:

Rule for sonarlint in IDE that is activated:

Could you please help me resolve this issue?

Hello @the_krisk and welcome to the Sonar community!
The rule configuration in SonarLint only applies when your project is not bound to a SonarQube project, so what you see in your second screenshot does not apply to your project if you have the binding setup (you have some hint in the UI - “Note: When a project is bound to a SonarQube server or SonarCloud, the configuration in this tab is ignored.”).

Thanks so much for the response Marco_Comi This helps :slight_smile:

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