Import/Export local ruleset


I was wondering about the roadmap item described here:

Is it known if this item is under serious consideration for a near-future release of SonarLint?

I manage the sonar ruleset for a large development team, so ideally I’d like to continue to have the rulesets as part of our repo, instead of having to make all developers download the ruleset locally after any updates to the rules, which we will have to do with the 7.0 update.

  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • IDE name and flavor/env: Visual Studio 2022, VS Code

Hello @dprenshaw,
I assume you’re using SonarQube and managing a Quality Profile there, correct?
If you use connected mode, then all developers using SonarLint will automatically benefit from the same ruleset defined in the Quality Profile, they won’t need to download it manually at every update, and the synchronization will happen automatically; plus they’ll have the latest status of each issue synchronized (e.g. Accepted, False Positive).
I would be glad to hear whether you’ve evaluated that option and if you encountered any issues with it.

The main reason we’re currently considering (but we have not prioritized it yet) this roadmap item is to help developers that cannot connect to their SonarQube instance (mainly due to network restrictions) also benefiting from the ruleset defined for their team or project.


Hi @Marco_Comi, you are correct–we have a quality profile set up for our project in SonarQube.

At this point, we have not given instruction and guidance to all of our developers to use connected mode to sync with the rulesets because we’ve been using the old config defined in our repo. One of the primary reasons we haven’t shifted to the 7.0 config paradigm is that our SonarQube instance is hosted in a protected area, and most developers must connect through a VPN to access SonarQube and thus use connected mode. We can certainly tell developers that in addition to using connected mode, they must do it while on VPN, it’s just not an ideal scenario.

That’s why the export/import was an attractive option for us, but we didn’t want to update our process and guidance until I had a general idea of how much this roadmap item was under consideration.