Faster Pull Request analyses

Hello everyone,

Today, we are really proud to share with you that we enabled faster pull request analyses for all languages*.

Before, when a branch or a pull request was scanned it was the same: our scanners were reviewing all the files of your repository to be sure to raise accurate issues. Said differently, a full scan was performed all the time.
Now, on pull requests only, we focus on the content of the PR. Still, because we want to keep the same level of True Positives without raising more False Positives, we do an incremental analysis that is performed compared to the target branch. This is made possible by relying on the background, on a server-side cache mechanism.

This feature was activated for everyone, public or private projects. You can check it’s active for your project by looking at Administration > General Settings:


On average, you can expect your pull requests to be scanned a least 50% faster but it can be more depending on the size and languages of your pull requests.

If you have any feedback or questions, or If you don’t see your pull requests running faster than in 2022, please let us know, and we will investigate that with you.


* = this will come soon for C++ and DotNet, just a small delay. I’ll update this thread once it’s available.
Edit 2023-02-10: this is now available also for C++ (and C, Objective-C)


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