Faster Pull Request analyses: is this working with only automatic scanning?

Is this working with only automatic scanning or is a scanning from a CI with the sonar scanner also benefit from this ? If it is working also with sonar scanner I guess there is a minimum version for that ?


This is working for Automatic and CI scanning.

There is no requirement to upgrade your scanner version but using the latest is always the best.



I have a question regarding the use of this new feature in the CI scanning context so :

In your initial article, you’re mentioning that “This is made possible by relying on the background, on a server-side cache mechanism”

What does it imply from a cache management when the scan is performed on our CI workers ? Where is it located ? If the cache is hosted by the worker process, does it mean that we need to ensure that the same project’s CI processing should always be executed on the same worker ?

Thanks in advance for you reply about it !



Unless we did a mistake and in that case, we will fix it, the cache is independent of the workers. In the past, we did that mistake: the keys of the cache were depending on the absolute path of the files on the worker. So as soon as the worker was changing, we were having “cache miss”.
The cache is hosted on SonarCloud server side, you don’t need to worry about it. It automatically clean-up when there are no longer pushes on your PR to save space on our side.


Great, thanks for your feedback !