Failing analysis ID: "AXcN4WiKVuC57jyLmaA9"

Out master is constantly failing with 30 minutes timeout.

I’ve already created a ticket here, but maybe this forum section is a more appropriate place.

Autoscan in other branches is working, and fork of the project is working as well.

Hi Dmitry,

Looking at the Autoscan logs it seems the code contains a lot of HTML files with a lot of duplications and it looks like it slows down the whole analysis process to the point it’s in timeout (30 min max to analyze a code base).

Could those files be generated?
Do you really need to analyze them?

If not could you exclude them please? Check narrowing the focus doc.



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Hallo Olivier.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, after I excluded the HTML files via sonar.exclusions, the analysis worked in a very short time.
So this a functioning workaround.

Still looks strange that the analysis of 1500+ HTML files works in the forks and in the branches, but not in the master of the original repo. Maybe it’s worth to add at least a possibility to view the logs of the ongoing analysis (i.e. the background task).

Best regards, Dmitriy.