Failed to find InputFile


I’m using SonarCloud from Azure DevOps. I’ve integrated the SonarCloud tasks as described here.

The pipeline runs through but I always get 2 errors saying that a certain file can’t be found.

Log.txt (40.0 KB)

The file definitely exists otherwise the solution could not build.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Hi @norberth and welcome to the community !

Would you please send me again the log with debug mode enabled please ?

I can send you a PM for that if you prefer, let me know.

Thanks !

Hi Mickael,

yes, let’s do it like that. I’ve already run the pipeline with the debug mode enabled.
As soon as you send me a PM, I’ll send you the file.

Best regards

Hi @Andrei_Epure,

any news on that matter?


Hi @norberth,

We’re trying to investigate the issue. Are you sure that there are no PreBuild or PostBuild events in your pipeline that would move the sourcefile(s) to another locations?

Hi Pavel,

I am absolutely certain that there is no such thing. We could connect on Skype if you like and I show you the project and the pipeline.

Maybe that helps

I ended up rewriting the form that gave the error and deleted the file.
With the file being gone, the error does no longer show up.

Best regards

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We’ve discovered that this error is logged when security-related issue is found on a file, that was excluded from the analysis (either by project configuration exclusions or SCM exclusion).

We’ll improve the logging in the next release of security plugin 8.5

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