SonarCloud analysis error: the system cannot find the path specified


I have a pipeline that runs sonarcloud scan and it’s been working jst fine before. Recently the build pipeline keeps erroring out at the sonarcloud scan at the run code analysis step. the error is saing that the system cannot find the path specified(Please see attached screenshot). There is no configuration change on the task group and i’m using the azure pipeline agent. Any idea why this happening? Everything was fine and the last run was like a month ago.


Hey there.

Can you share your Azure DevOps YAML file?

Hi, this is a task group so i manually copy pasted the yaml for each step here:

I can provide the screenshot of each step if you need.

So what is generating the file (output/sonar-unit-test-results.xml)?

I’m confused on this as well because i don’t have this in my code.

Well, you have it in your YAML file under extraProperties – if you remove it, is your analysis successful?

Oh yeah i didn’t even release that was in there. That solves the issue, thank you Colin!

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