Upgraded to developer edition - "Failed to find InputFile"

(Martin) #1

Hi Guys,

We’re having some problems after upgrading to the developer edition. We are using SonarQube from Azure Devops. This analysis worked perfectly fine for the solution before we switched to GIT as source control (but each branch was tracked separately as master) and after switching this worked on the community edition but only for our main branch.

I’ve switched the logging to verbose and I’ve been able to pinpoint this as being certain rules

(It almost seems related to rules in SonarAnalyzer.Security, but I haven’t been able to confirm)

The error being reported from the build pipeline is as follow:

10:13:04.459 DEBUG: loaded 25 sanitizers for rule S5145
##[error]10:13:04.459 ERROR: Failed to find InputFile for d:\a\1\s\Project.Services.Service\CodeFile.cs
10:13:04.459 DEBUG: Failed to read resource file: roslyn.sonaranalyzer.security.cs/passthroughs/S5145.json

I had this same error for multiple files and managed to get the errors down by disabling some of these rules, but I seem to be having problems with S5145 even when it’s not enabled for the profile from the server.

We are running version

Any ideas on how I can get to the bottom of this? The strange part is that the file above is definitely there, I can find this both in the repo, in source control and even in the msbuild log before the analysis is done.