Failed Analysis "3d54f1a7-2559-4007-8337-fc9e2d0ca7a9"

Failed Analysis “3d54f1a7-2559-4007-8337-fc9e2d0ca7a9”

Haven’t been able to run analysis succussfully yet.

I was able to get this to run locally, however the automation still does work latest failed run “4836f711-1f44-47da-971a-05931dabd163”.

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Hi @timmak ,

Could you please confirm for me which ALM service you are using? Such as Github/Gitlab etc.
I can see the failures you have mentioned above in our logs and am trying to identify the cause.


Hi Shane, thanks for having a look. We are running on GitHub enterprise.

Hi @timmak ,

After some analysis, we identified an issue that is showing in our logs.

'ERROR: The analysis will stop due to the Node.js process running out of memory'

We are raising this concern with one of our teams internally, I will also ask them to reach out to you with any suggestions here.

Hi @timmak ,

Could you share some information about your project, we see some vue files in the analysis. Is your project being built in Vue and if so are you using Vue3?

Hi Shane,

Yes, it is a monorepo, and we are using Vue3 as part of that.

Hi Shane,

Checking in to see if we have got any further also seems PRs are no longer been tracked as of 2 days ago.

Hi Shane,

Any updates here or recommend next steps?