The last analysis has failed AY1ZyXlQdjnLMx5Htqy7

All pull request front (JS + HTML + CSS) are KO

Problem with VueJS 3.
VueJS 2 is OK

Hi Nathan,

Since the beginning of this week we have some issues with our JS/TS analyzer. We recently opened an incident about this, you can find it here: SonarCloud Status - Automatic analysis is partially available .

To keep it short our JS/TS analyzer needs more memory so we are in the process of increasing our Automatic Analysis workers capacity.

That seem to explain why it suddenly stoped working for your project. As soon as we are done with the fix it should work again for you.

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Hi Nathan,

We’ve updated our memory configuration settings. Could you please attempt the analysis once more?


I still have the same problem : AY1nCvJm9YSOzdHb_Ft8
And you are right, the issues is about: JS/TS analyzer.

Need more memory maybe…

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Hi @nathan-jaji

Thanks for your updates.
To deconstruct the issue, could you try running the scan with your VueJS V2 code please?


Still have problem : AY1qEn81dWvowvXJIIib (Vue3)

Hello, would you please run the analysis with your Vue V2 code?
This step will help us determine whether the issue is specific to Vue V3 or if it’s a common problem across your repository after a certain time.

Vue2 is OK (AY1qJDBBxbdTC6YibIP0)

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Hi @nathan-jaji,

can you copy the contents of the needed @vue tsconfigs directly in your tsconfig.json and stop extending or referencing external tsconfigs, to avoid getting errors on missing tsconfigs?