Exporters are deprecated

Hello SonarQube team,

I had to notice with the update that exporters are deprecated.
We use this great feature very often and export the Checkstyle, Findbugs, PMD Rules to keep the security of our software always high. With exporters, it is possible for the whole team to access the configured rules in SonarQube as a single source via Maven/Gradle.

What are your alternatives so that no function is dropped?


It’s not clear to me what you mean by “exporters”. Could you provide a path through the UI or perhaps a screenshot to make it explicit?


Hi Ann,
no problem. I mean the following exporters.

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Thanks for the screenshot. I guess these only show up if you’ve got one or more of those plugins loaded, which the instance I was looking at didn’t.

Unfortunately, I can’t answer the question. So let’s wait for the full-time PMs to show up.



we use the Checkstyle Exporter and just came across the same question.
Are there any news how these deprecated Exporters will be replaced?



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