Does SonarScanner use checkstyle, pmd, findbugs at background to do static analysis?

  • I am using SonarQube Developer Edition version 7.5 and SonarScanner for Gradle
  • Would like to know if SonarScanner use checkstyle, pmd, and findbugs at background

Actually I already use checkstyle, pmd and findbugs with customized configs during our Gradle build. I would like to know if these are duplicated work if I start to use SonnarScanner.

Appreciate if anyone can help.


Welcome to the community!

About a million years ago (okay, 10 years ago) at its inception, SonarQube did use those tools. But for at least the last 6 years SonarQube has used its own analyzers instead.

Using both SonarQube and those analyzers would be at least slightly duplicative since SonarQube analyzers do replace some of those other tools’ rules but you can tune that in your SonarQube Quality Profile. Additionally, you can use those other tools from within SonarQube, although we generally feel you don’t need them once you upgraded to SonarQube. :smiley:


Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for clarifying this.