Error on login with Github: Your email does not match the one we have on record

My Github Account’s primary email has been changed after I joined a new company. The handle is still same.

However now when i try to login to SonarCloud with github i get following message:

Sorry, but we couldn't verify your authorization to access this page.

When we tried, here's what the provider said:

Your email does not match the one we have on record: 'r*****@*******'. Please add this email and verify it on GitHub in order to regain access to the account

Old primary email address ( ‘r*****@*******’) is removed from github email list and i no longer have access to this email account.

Can you please help to resolve this issue and disassociate ‘r*****@*******’ from my github handle from your records?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @rsora,

I will reach out to you in private to get more details.


A solution was applied for the login issue.
The user confirmed that they are now able to log back in to Sonarcloud.


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