Error Encountered sonarqube service not starting

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I am running sonarqube in amazon linux instance. I am getting below error while stating service using ./ start command

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You probably need to run a chown -R for the directory to the user/group running the service.

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I am now getting another problem. SOnarqube service is running but unable to see in browser.
its not appearing in netstat listen 9000 port.

i checked the log.

It looks like the web process is starting. What’s in your /logs/web.log file?

I am sharing weblog :

listening in linux

but not working from windows machine using browser

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  • Since you’ve set sonar.web.context (based on your other post), you sould probably be targeting http://localhost:9000/sonar
  • I would recommend isolating the issue to one of SonarQube being accessible locally, or accessible externally
    – A curl http://localhost:9000/sonar/api/server/version from the machine where you’ve started SonarQube should tell you if it is up and running correctly
    – If you receive a valid response, but can’t access that URL from externally, you should probably start looking at firewalls (local or otherwise) that could be blocking access.

Thanks Colin.
I will open new thread . port are opened in firewall.
after curl in the local machine in which sonarqube installed i got following response. as a localhost it is responding but with ip its not

and from remote machine on the same network it still waiting to load the page and finally failed

same in chrome browser

Hi Colin ,
Thanks for the solution . I am able to oprn sonarqube in browser . i have resrated the server and it works fine. Pls close this thread as Solved

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