Unable to start sonarqube after installation

After following the installation procedures as given in Install the Server | SonarQube Docs
Later when I try to to ./sonar.sh start Sonarqube is started but the default port 9000 is unreachable or unable to browse localhost:9000.Can any one help?
I am running it on Ubuntu 16.04,Intel core i5 processor.

I installed sonarqube from Download | SonarQube Developer edition.
After following the process as given in Install the Server | SonarQube Docs I am unable to start Sonarqube.
I give ./sonarsube start it says sonarqube started but later when I browse localhost:9000 I dont find it i.e sonarqube is not started.
I have installed it on ubuntu 16.04,intel i5 processor.

Hi @Vijayeendra_Gururaj ,

can you share the server logs with us so we can try to understand why your sonarqube instance is not starting?

on an unrelated note: Ubuntu 16.04 will be EOL soon (April 2021), you should think about switching to a newer release.

sonar-20210212.log (2.0 KB)
I have attached the log file.
Thank you

Thanks for the logs

as per our documentation you have to create a dedicated user to run sonarqube as.

SonarQube cannot be run as root on Unix-based systems, so create a dedicated user account for SonarQube if necessary.

When i execute in Sonarqube user account it says Failed to start Sonarqube.
I have attached the image file.

probably because the sonarqube folder is not owned by the sonarqube user. try to set the ownership like this:

sudo chown -R sonarqube: /opt/sonarqube/

and try starting again

After giving permissions Sonarqube started Successfully. Thank you.
I have attached the Sonarqube UI which I see on web .I cant see any login page, can you please help me with this. I was trying to get the Server ID of the machine from UI.
sonar-20210216.log (2.9 KB)

You are looking at the web interface of elasticsearch (localhost:9001). the default port for the sonarqube web ui is 9000 and there you will be greeted by a login screen

Yes I did it as well but it says HTTP 404: Not Found.

did you set a custom web context for sonarqube (sonar.web.context)?

yes I gave it as
sonar.web.context = /sonarqube

so the url would be:

yes, I got it. Thankyou so much.

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