Elastic search will not start

Running sonarqube-enterprise- on Ubuntu 22.

I did not set this up. Our internal Sonarqube guru is out of the office.

We use LDAP authentication. People are no longer able to login. The LDAP server certificates were updated last week so so this was the likely suspect. I added the the updated certificates to the trust store (as per the existing documented procedure from our guru.) Still could not login with LDAP creds. Restarted the sonarqube and nginx services. Logs show that sonarqube service is unable to start because elasiticsearch is still starting up. “Waiting for Elasticsearch to be up and running.” Digging thru the es.log log but nothing jumps out as obvious.

It looks like this was installed from zip file. I have also tried rebooting the server itself.

turns out the cert issue may have been a red herring. there was a problem with the account used for LDAP integration.