SonarQube local installation not starting

I tried to install sonarqube as discribed here with the zip method: Try Out SonarQube | SonarQube Docs

Further than I try to execute on Windows:


Unfortunately the server doesn’t start. I checked the logs (below) and receive an error. Has someone an idea how I can fix it? Thanks!

sonar.20220203.log (272.8 KB)

Hi @florianpeschke and welcome to the community :wave:

it looks like there is something already running on port 9001, which is the internal port that sonarqube is trying to start elasticsearch on. please clear up this port and try again :slight_smile:
the other option you have if you can not clear up this port, you can configure another one with the property in your conf/ file.

hope that helps

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Hi @Tobias_Trabelsi ,
Thank you for your quick response!
I changed as proposed the port of as well I changed also sonar.web.port.
Now SonarQube is coming up.
Thank you, Florian

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