I Can't start my SnoarQube 10.4 (zip file)

sonar.log (525.7 KB)

I am using the zip file 10.4.087286 and Java v11.

I can’t start it and i don’t why, please help me, i newbie

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The SonarQube server requires Java version 17.


Thank you for replying i already change the JDK version into 17 but same error

Sorry, didn’t check the sonar.log.
Please attach also the es.log
Is port 9001 already in use ?

check via cmd netstat -aon | find "9001"

here’s the port 9001

es.log (36.7 KB)
here’s the es.log

ok, es.log has

2024.02.20 14:58:59 ERROR es[o.e.b.Bootstrap] Exception
org.elasticsearch.http.BindHttpException: Failed to bind to
Caused by: java.net.BindException: Address already in use: bind

So the port 9001 is blocked by another process, maybe a java zombie from a previous attempt to start Sonarqube.

find more details
tasklist /fi "pid eq <pid>"

You may also try to change the sonar.search.port in %SONARQUBE_HOME%\conf\sonar.properties

# Elasticsearch port for incoming HTTP connections. Default is 9001. Use 0 to get a free port.
# As a security precaution, should be blocked by a firewall and not exposed to the Internet.