Not able to launch SonarQube 8.4.1

I’m not able to launch Sonar Qube on Windows10 machine. I see “Sonar Qube is Stopped”, Wrapper is Stoppedsonar.log (13.5 KB)

Version of SonarQube: enterprise-8.4.1
Java version Installed: JDK 11

Steps followed:

  1. Download SonarQube zip file
  2. Extract the contents to c:/sonarqube
  3. Execute “C:\sonarqube\bin\windows-x86-64\StartSonar.bat”

Please help me with this. I’ve attached the logs for your reference.

Hi @Pratik_Patil ,
this looks like an issue with Elasticsearch. can you attach the es.log file as well?

Hi @Tobias_Trabelsi,

Thanks for the help. Please find the attached es.log es.log (19.4 KB)

looks like something on the system has already allocated port 9001:

Failed to bind to [9001]
Address already in use

you could either change the elasicsearch port via the propertie or clear the default port (9001)

Thanks a lot @Tobias_Trabelsi. It worked after I changed port number to 9002 by adding in file.

glad that it is now working for you (:

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