Edition is no longer reported in system info starting at SonarQube 9.7

Hello Dear SonarSourcers,

I have just noticed that the SonarQube edition is no longer reported in the system info format introduced since SQ 9.7. Generally speaking, the whole former “Statistics” section is gone, and not all the info it contained made its way in other places of the JSON.
Is that on purpose ? If not, could it be re-inroduced in 9.8 ?
That seems like a useful information. I am sure your support team would like to have it.



Hi @OlivierKo ,

Welcome back to Sonar Community :smiley:

Thank you for reporting this! This issue was internally brought to us a week ago so we are working on this issue as we speak.

We can notify you here once we determine next steps.

If you are interested in counting lines of code based on your team’s repositories and if they are located in a SonarQube-supported DevOps platform (Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), then this might interest you: GitHub - SonarSource/sonar-loc-count

Update: As you may know already, [SONAR-17194] - Jira and We’re making some changes to SonarQube telemetry document the reasons for the change. The Statistics object is therefore intentionally removed.

In [SONAR-17578] - Jira for SonarQube 9.8, we will fix LOC information back to GET api/system/info API, which should allow you to obtain LOC information now.

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