We’re making some changes to SonarQube telemetry

Hello SonarQube Community!

We rely on your inputs to continuously improve SonarQube. This includes the valuable feedback shared on this Community or our product roadmaps, as well as telemetry data that is sent to us by SonarQube instances.

In SonarQube v9.7, we will be updating the telemetry payload that is regularly sent to Sonar by active instances. We want to share this update in advance, be transparent with you about the changes, and get a chance to discuss feedback if any.

We want to make informed decisions to improve SonarQube, and regular, precise data about how SonarQube is used helps us do that.

What exactly will change?
Up until now, the telemetry data collected on SonarQube instances was highly aggregated before being sent to us. Starting in SonarQube v9.7, we will enhance the telemetry data to collect more granular information, without including any identifiable information about users or projects.

To be clear: telemetry data will be collected per-project and per-user, using anonymized technical IDs. These technical IDs will allow us, in later SonarQube versions, to only send a differential of the data and reduce the amount of information sent over the network.

Telemetry data will also begin to be sent on a daily basis, rather than weekly.

For more detailed information (including an example payload), we invite you to take a look at the draft documentation on our public instance of SonarQube.

Will any identifiable information be collected?
At Sonar, we care deeply about data privacy. As before, telemetry data won’t contain personal information like usernames or e-mail addresses, and no source code or project keys/names will be collected.

Is this information secure?
The data will be sent to Sonar over secure channels, held under restricted access, and not published outside of Sonar.

We hope that you’ll help us improve SonarQube by keeping telemetry enabled. And, as noted in the documentation, it is possible to disable telemetry in your instance configuration.

We recognize that these aren’t small changes, and that’s why we want to be as transparent as possible. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this thread.



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