SonarLint telemetry


I’m trying to get some extra information about the engagement of SonarLint, and the potencial issues we are fixing before pushing to SCM repository. It could be awesome to get such information on SonarQube server itself, as a way to sell SonarLint and SonarQube to seniors Managers/Directors.

I know sonarqube has the “Last SonarLint connection”, but I think SonarQube should provide better insights like, % of issues detected on local development, % of issues detected on local commits, etc…


Hi @Rodrigo_Amaro,

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This is a great suggestion. I have added your comment to our internal system so that we can consider it when prioritising.

There is a card on our roadmap that you may want to follow that covers this topic:

We will add updates to this card as we make progress on this topic.

Thank you again for your suggestion


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