System/info API - No more statistics since 9.7


Since 9.7, the statistics field has been removed from system/info API entrypoint. I can’t find if this has been moved to a different entrypoint, or completely removed. I’m interested in having the number of lines of code analyzed by my plugin.



The statistics were removed as part of our effort on telemetry, specifically this ticket.
There is no current plan to put back statistics in system/info or to make them available to users elsewhere.
As far as I can tell, I don’t know of any supported way to get the number of LoC analyzed by a plugin.

I think it could be possible to query the measure on every project, but that’s probably not very efficient. Having direct access was very useful, especially on paid instances in order to know which languages are the biggest “consumers” of the license.
/api/languages could be a good location for an entrypoint (only for admins, I think).


have you tried the api/support/info endpoint? there seem to be some statistics left in this file.

On my SonarQube developer edition:

{"errors":[{"msg":"The license installed doesn\u0027t include support"}]}

And on a Community edition:

{"errors":[{"msg":"Unknown url : /api/support/info"}]}

I’m afraid this entrypoint is not available everywhere.

I’m sorry, this endpoint is only available for users with support service enabled.