Sonarqube Community Edition v9.9.5 does not displays the version but just says footer.version


Upgrading from SonarQube Community Edition v9.9.4
OS - Windows Server 2019, Java Version - JDK17, Database - Postgres 15

I just upgraded our server to v9.9.5 and the version says footer.version rather than v9.9.5

Under Administration → System → Version → footer.version
At the bottom of the page - Community Edition - footer.version

Are there others who see the same or is it just me(who just messed up the upgrade :saluting_face:)

Any help/suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Thank You!



i guess you’ve installed the third party plugin sonar-cnes-report or another community plugin !?
see this post for details and solution


Hi @Rebse,

Thank you so much for your quick response.

Removing the plugin resolved the issue.


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