Does Sonarqube on Kubernetes works?

Does Sonarqube application works as expected on Kubernetes?

Hi @ashaikh15 ,

depends on your expectations. kubernetes is not officially supported by sonarqube and there are some quirks that will come up when working with kubernetes.
That said i know that there are some people already running sonarqube on kubernetes. As a general rule of thumb i would advise you to tread sonarqube as a stateful set on kubernetes and also not try rolling upgrades with it

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I have running sonarqube deployment in our AKS cluster and is running perfectly so far
I followed this medium post to installed it.

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Oteemo has a set of Helm charts for deploying to Kubernetes
sonarqube 9.4.1 · oteemo/oteemo-charts (
Since these were written for OpenShift it will take some tweaking to work on vanilla K8s. I’m working through some of the issues now. Right now TLS will only work if you have an ingress controller. Hopefully we can get TLS working via the loadbalancer to be able to have this running as a full service for end users.