TSQL supported under kubernetes?

Can someone tell me if the TSQL plugin is supported in kubernetes? Is there a support matrix somewhere that details what plugins are supported under kubernetes?

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Are you asking if the TSQL language analyzer plugin works on SonarQube (Developer Edition or higher), which is on Kubernetes?

The language plugins are now embedded inside SonarQube 8.5 and higher (see here for more details), so yes, the TSQL plugin is supported in SonarQube, independent of SonarQube running on Kubernetes or not.

SonarQube isn’t officially supported on Kubernetes, but several customers and users have successfully deployed with Kubernetes. If you are interested, here’s one thread about it or you can search in the Community for more answers:

Here is the Plugin Version Matrix from our documentation website. Here’s a link to a better view of just the frame itself. Again, SonarQube 8.5+ (Developer Edition or higher) pre-packages core plugins since we wrote the analyzer ourself so you won’t see it in the Marketplace anymore.


Thanks Joe, that answers my question.

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