Developer edition won't let me install SonarTSql Analyzer


I am using Version:, installed from docker hub via Oteemo.

When I enter the Marketplace to install TSql, It says: “Available under our commercial editions”. But I do have a commercial edition.

On license manager page:

Features included

  • Analysis of ABAP
  • Analysis of C/C++
  • Analysis of Objective-C
  • Analysis of PL/SQL
  • Analysis of Swift
  • Analysis of T-SQL
  • Analysis of VB.NET
  • Branch Analysis
  • SonarLint Smart Notifications
  • Vulnerability Analysis

Hey @Fatih_Kucuk,

Indeed TSQL is included in the DE (Developer Edition: There likely was an issue when the /opt/sonarqube/extensions (where plugins are) was initiated by the container, so they were not correctly copied here.

In our Upgrade guide, we made a specific statement about it in the Docker part:

Create a new sonarqube_extensions_8_x volume.

The bottom line is, when a new SQ container starts, it will not be able to write into a non-empty volume. So if that happens, it will start, but with what’s in the volume. In your case, I guess this volume was used by a Community edition before, so no DE plugins could be added later when the DE container started for the first time.

So simply drop your extensions volume and the SQ container, create a new volume and a new container and you’ll be fine!

I hope this helps.

Hello Antoine,

I am using Rancher. After upgrading the database, I’ve deleted the namespace and I made a fresh installation from oteemo charts. But unfortunately the result is same.

Hello @Fatih_Kucuk,

So far we do not particularly support any orchestrator, so I won’t be able to tell you what to do in that context.
Though as I mentioned: what likely happened is that your volume for extension was not empty when the container started for the first time. Could you check that? What’s listed in there?