T-SQL Plugin - Fails to load

I’m testing out version 7.9 (LTS) of SonarQube community edition. As we’re trying to upgrade from version 6.7.4. With version 6.7.4 of SonarQube we have a T-SQL plugin configured, however this is rather old. So as part of the upgrade I’m also updating any plugins we have.

However, when starting the SonarQube services this fails to load with the following error when including the latest version of the T-SQL plugin.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to load plugin SonarTSQL [tsql]

The plugin version for T-SQL is which is outlines that this is compatibile with version 7.9 (LTS) of SonarQube.

Is there something I could be doing wrong? or is there another reason that this plugin isn’t working with version 7.9 (LTS) Community Edition SonarQube?



Hello @tomf,

The T-SQL plugin is only compatible with commercial editions of SonarSource (hover on the ! next to the languages to get the list, per edition), so you’ll have no luck loading it on a community edition.


Hi @OlivierK,

Ahhhh I did have a sneaky feeling that could be a possibility. Not to worry though. Thank you for clarifying that for me =)

Many thanks,


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