Does deleting a project, frees the LOC budget used in that project (enterprise license)?

As we are evaluating to use the enterprise sonarqube edition, we had some doubts on the lines of code budget, specially worried about potential mistakes or be able to remove proyects on the way

  • Does the LOC overall count only takes the existing proyects?
  • When I delete a proyect, will we get that LOC budget back? for example if we by mistake added a proyect, or when no more development is needed?
  • Is there any type of limit to add / remove proyects
  • As we are also thinking into adding some automated scans systems, when I delete a proyect, name XXX (also the key), and create a new one with the same name, but pointing to a different repository, is the information from the previous instance used?


Yes, Yes, No, No (but what would be the point?).

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