LOC counted in license of already deleted projects and duplicated projects

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I’m working on version of Sonarqube and I’m having some issues with my license. I asked for a trial and created and deleted a project 3-4 times to test how the integrations worked and how sonarqube responded. My problem comes that I thought that when I buy the license the LOC would reset, but it didn’t. So now I have like 240k lines of code in my license when my sonarqube is only analyzing 180k because the project I used for testing the integration counted as 3-4 different projects.
How can I “delete” this lines from the LOC count in the license?

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Please see Branch FAQ:

What is the impact on my LOCs consumption vs my license?

The LOC of your largest branch are counted toward your license limit. All other branches are ignored.

The LOC of your largest branch of each project is counted towards your license limit. If you want to delete lines from your LOC count, then you need to make sure that only the longest branch is scanned for each of those projects. You “delete” lines by scanning only the relevant code or excluding files (see also Narrowing the Focus | SonarQube Docs).


I’ll try this solution and bring what happened, thanks!

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