Lines of code count will increase again?


We are using SonarQube 7.5 developer edition.
I did analysis on one project with the different branch(not master) count of line is 300k.
I’m planning to delete the project and start analysis with master branch. But the line of already counted for other branch.
Now this time if I try with master branch again is it count lines other than initial 300k.
Please reply ASAP.

Thanks in advance.


As described in the docs, your LOC for licensing purposes is the total number of lines of code from the largest branch of each project. Once you delete a project, it has 0 impact on your LOC. So this is not a cumulative count of all the lines of code ever analyzed. If that were the case, you’d run through a 100k LOC license by analyzing a thousand-line project 100 times, which is certainly not what we want to do. We think you should (probably) analyze more, not less.


I have still confusion. Sorry about that.
Yeah sonarqube analyze the total number of lines of code from the largest branch of each project but we are planning to delete whole project with all branches in sonarqube.
After we are going to analyze same project with master branch. In this situation is sonarqube count again lines from 300k + or it will identify the project as before analysed.



Once a project is deleted, it’s gone with no way left to identify that it was previously under analysis.


Now in this case what would be the best suggestion to analyse the project with master branch.

Uhm… just analyze it?

By default, the first analysis of any project is going to register as “master” in SonarQube.

HTH but really not sure,