Documentation: SAML Authentication

The docs around SAML Authentication work but are worded using KeyCloak as an example. In addition, the number list makes it hard to determine what values belong to what attributes. I vote either creating a generic table and then supplementing it with examples like we have:

Are the docs by chance OSS? Would happily do a PR if possible.


Thanks for being willing to chip in! The docs are OSS. You’ll find them here:

The README should give you everything you need. Let us know if it doesn’t. Unfortunately, you’ll see that the paths all reflect our private version of the repo (sonar-enterprise). Also, we haven’t cleaned up the SonarCloud references since the repository split.

Note that the processes to generate the static and the embedded versions of the docs are separate, so it’s possible to have formatting quirks in one that don’t show up in the other. :roll_eyes: