Auth0 - SAML - Configuration

Hi everyone I have tried to use Auth0 with sonarQube but I couldn’t establish communication between this tools, I downloaded the SAML XML and I fill almost all the fields except from:

  • SAML user login attribute
  • SAML user name attribute

I downloaded the metadata file but those fields are not included, does anyone has faced something similar?

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community forum :slight_smile:

Did you tried to apply the instruction for KeyCloak as an example for Auth0 ? :

For the field mapping, it looks like that Auth0 rely on custom javascript Rules that you apply to extends the default behaviour :

Please note that we never used Auth0 internally for SAML integration, so your feedback is very welcome : we could improve the SonarQube documentation to help users to achieve this.

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Where you downloaded the metadata file?

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Directly from Auth0

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I’ll try with KeyCloak! Thanks :slight_smile: