SAML Authentication Plugin doc is confusing

This document has a confusing example:

It says:

Set “Valid Redirect URIs” to " <SonarQube URL>/oauth2/callback/* ", for example “

Following that somewhat literally leads to this issue:

The documentation should say something like:

The SAML Single Sign-On URL is <SonarQube URL>/oauth2/callback/saml.

If a generic example of configuring an IdP was provided, it would make it easier for people not using KeyCloak as their SAML IdP.

I have a specific example for Okta here which could be made generic:

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Hi Alain,

Thanks for this message, I’ve updated the documentation to add the /saml.
I agree it would be good to have a more generic document, I’ll see with our doc team what we can do.
Thanks for your suggestion !


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