“Distribution of private lines per project list” not getting updated in billing section

How can I get updated project list into “Distribution of private lines per project list” in billing section to get clarity about paid plan threshold, from long time showing only 9 Projects in Distribution of private lines per project list.
We have Sonar Cloud license of 1M private lines code scan but the sum of (the largest branches in Github repository) of all 117 projects not exceed 25k. It is not changing from long time. The count 25 K is not updated as per the source code analysis.
for our testing purpose, we committed 850 new files into one project in GitHub for Sonar Cloud scan but 24,740 private lines of code analyzed [over 117 projects] remains same. Please help us to resolve this issue.
Note: we need to understand how to get the sonarCloud consolidated LOC reports.

Hi @mohankumar1409,

First of all please let me apologize for the time needed to answer you.

To compute the number of line for a given project, SonarCloud currently observes the long live branch that has the highest number of lines.

We can observe in your different projects that are identified at 0 lines that the main branch never got analyzed.

I highly recommend you analyze your main branch by adding the analysis not only on the Development branch but also on the master (or main) branch, to get the most benefit of the solution.

Have a good day,

Dear Florian,

All GitHub repo’s has three branches.
Development branch
It is dedicated for development activities ( Dev team merging code changes from feature to Dev branch ) Here only setting up SonarCloud analysis. this is our requirement to scan and fix the sonar vulnerabilities in Development branch. we should not carry Sonar vulnerabilities to upper environment/branches.

Note: Main/Master branch is dedicated for Prod build ( fixing sonar issues in main/master branch is not recommended )
We need to know the LOC from all the Github repositories. (all project from Dev branch are not considered ) always showing only 9 project details in LOC.

Hi @mohankumar1409,

In your case, I would recommend you to declare the dev branch as long-lived branch following the “Branch Name Pattern” section in this documentation: Branch Analysis Setup | SonarCloud Docs

This should make the LOC getting well calculated.

If you are using Pull Requests to commit to Dev branch, don’t hesitate to analyze all your PRs in a Clean-as-you-Code approach.