Disable TypeScript rules in build

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • SonarQube 10.4
  • how is SonarQube deployed: zip
  • For some projects we want to disable one rule of the TypeScript SonarWay profile, especially the rule typescript:S6770. There are more than 500 times violations of this rule using an import from a npm package.
  • Searched for a way to disable this rule either by .editorconfig like for C# or the PrepareSonarqube task in Azure DevOps. The properties there create a sonar.properties file.
  • Derive separate rule set from SonarWay is only possible by copying, which is then hard on updates (changes in SonarWay are not integrated), inherited rule set can’t disable rules.
  • Multicriteria seems not recommended and also not required, as we have only one criteria - the rule

Actually, they can now! That was a change in SonarQube 10.3.

Unfortunately, this seems not to work. As you can see in the screenshot, we are using 10.4 and the deactivate button is disabled and we get a hint. I’m loged in as administrator and just created the new derived profile.

The permission to deactivate inherited rules in a child profile is managed at the level of the SonarQube instance. It is by default enabled. As a SonarQube Administrator, you can disable it in Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Quality Profile by unchecking the Enable deactivation of inherited rules option.

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Thanks, it was disabled then. I don’t know who should have changed it as I’m mainly responsible for the administration. Was it maybe disabled by default in an earlier release?

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