Usability issues

Why is it so difficult to just deactivate one rule?

Can you please describe the steps to do this?

Copy the sonar way profile… then should be as simple as deactivate rule but it’s not. :frowning:

Welcome :slight_smile:

the Sonarqube documentation has some details
But you’re right, there should be some examples.
The documentation is always a ‘child of sorrow’, but compared with other tools,
Sonarqube documentation is quite good and it’s getting better.

The builtin quality profiles like Sonar way / Sonar recommended Sonarqube ships with are
immutable / not editable.

It’s easy to create your own quality profile based on a copy of some Sonar way profile.


Then on dashboard of your new quality profile either
use the Active rule link to deactivate rules or
the Activate more button to activate more rules not yet activated for this quality profile.