Disable project permissions management for non system admins


I’ve been looking for a way to disable end users with a project admin permissions to be able to edit their project permissions (I’m talking about a page https://sonarurl/project_roles?id=KEY). Currently on that page they can make a project public or open the project to all users which we want to restrict by making System Admins being able to manage project permissions only.
I’ve tried to check sonar’s binaries thinking that maybe I can do it via the code, but it seems it’s fully controlled by a bunch of minimized js files which will make quite hard to port to a new sonar version

We’re running sonar community edition 8.3.1
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Umbabaraumba,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! :smiley:

There’s no option to restrict permission control to only global administrators – and we have no plans in our immediate roadmap to change this. We think it’s reasonable for a project administrator to be able to manage the permissions on their own projects. If you have a strong use case that really requires this level of control, then you might want to post it over in Suggest a feature.



Thanks Cameron, I’ll raise a new suggestion then

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