Difficult Sales Experience So Far

Hi Sonarsource.

I wrote in on the weekend, after having downloaded and installed Sonarqube on an AWS instance. I’m currently using Codacy, and would like to evaluate alternatives. I’ve got $150 ready to go, just want to make sure it works (wiring).

I got a strange email in response to my request for a trial license. “Sorry, we don’t give licenses out to personal addresses” – but I wrote from this address, with which a modicum of research, your rep would have found everything from a D&B number to corporation information.

What hoops need I jump through to get started? What would you do if you were me!

Curious & Puzzled.
Thanks for sorting this out!

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Hi @Saeven,

Welcome to the community !
Sorry to read that you didn’t receive the expected answer :slight_smile: This is a rule we have internally, to not send/sell anything to “non professional email adresses” (like gmail or hotmail ones).
Can you just send me an email (carine.lacombe@sonarsource.com) so I can forward it to the correct person? If you could mention your company and billing address in the email, that would be perfect.

Thanks a lot

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Done & sent. For the record, I was not using a gmail or hotmail or such.

Thank you!

thanks for your quick reply, my colleague Sara will get back to you :slight_smile:

Have a nice SonarQube journey !

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Thank you – look forward to hearing from Sara.

Just a note, I haven’t heard from her yet. Hopefully today’s the day!

Hey @Carine_Bayon! Hope you are doing alright. About a week has passed since we last spoke, and I haven’t yet heard from Sara. If you guys are able to send a payment request, I’d like to get this expedited.

Unfortunately, I’m still in the same unfortunate boat!

Thanks for the message, I’ll check with her :slight_smile: