Obtain Trial License

Hi I am using SonarQube 7.3, and I request for the trial license with my email: jcenteno@mx1.ibm.com, but I didn’t receive any news.
Hope that you could send me the trial license.
Thanks in advance.


The only way to get a trial license is through the SonarSource website.


Hi Ann, How many time does it take to obtain the trial license?

I also requested a trial last week via the website.
In current time, I didnt receive any email or reply to this.

what is a good way to contact sales?
Would a phone call work?

Dear @ralphvbair,

My colleague Natalia replied to you by email 2 days ago, after you sent some requests on our website.
Could you kindly double check your spam folder for SonarSourcers’s emails?


I just checked, I cannot find it which email is used?
Plus I will contact IT department,

Thank you for your answer

Can you send me your email by PM ? (carine.lacombe@sonarsource.com)

Hi. I also requested a developer edition trial last week wednesday via the website.
I haven’t gotten any reply yet.
Could you pleased check my request?

Hi @t.yamanaka,

we’ve been off for company yearly event the last couple of days, you should receive an answer in the coming days.


Thank you for answer.
We looking forward to your reply.