Deprecation of SonarLint for Visual Studio 2017

Hello Visual Studio users,

as you probably know, in November we added support for the newly released Visual Studio 2022, and at the same time dropped support for the 2015 versions.

We have ambitious plans for SonarLint in the next months, and you can expect several user experience and performance improvements, along with the rollout of new features, and by the way you can take a look at our roadmap here; from the same page you can let us us know which features would be most beneficial to you.

We’d like then to concentrate our efforts to provide the best SonarLint experience in the most recent versions of Visual Studio (i.e. 2019 and 2022), and for this reason we’ve decided to deprecate the support for Visual Studio 2017.

What does it mean for you?
If you’re currently using Visual Studio 2017, we recommend you to switch to Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 as soon as possible. Still, we’ll continue to release new SonarLint for VS 2017 versions for a few more months, so that you have time to migrate.

What happens next?
In a few months, we’ll stop releasing new versions of SonarLint 2017 and we’ll consider it as an unsupported IDE version. While you’ll be able to run your current SonarLint installation for a longer period, you won’t be able to install SonarLint in VS2017 from the marketplace, and you won’t receive any new fixes, improvements or new features.


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