SonarLint for Visual Studio: v5.0 - Support VS 2022, drop support for VS 2015

Hello Visual Studio users,

As you surely know, Microsoft is set to launch Visual Studio 2022 for general availability on November 8th. The new Visual Studio version brings many new features and improvements that you can read here.To mention just one, Visual Studio 2022 is a 64-bit application, meaning that the main process is no longer limited to 4gb of RAM and you will be able to work on large applications without running out of memory.

Starting from version 5.0 of SonarLint, which we have just released, you are able to use our plugin in Visual Studio 2022, for all the languages we already support: C#, VB.NET, C, C++, JavaScript and TypeScript.
The VS Marketplace page for the new version is here.

Please note that with this new version we have discontinued the support for Visual Studio 2015. If you are still on VS 2015, we recommend you to migrate to the newest versions (VS 2019 or VS 2022).

Last but not least, this new SonarLint version comes with 7 new rules to cover C++20 features, you can read more details here.

You can read the release notes here. I hope you will enjoy SonarLint in Visual Studio 2022; we’d appreciate it if you help us improve by leaving your suggestions and feedback.