Default plugins and languages missing on docker installation

I’m using SonarQube from docker hub.

I’ve just upgraded from 8.1 to 8.2 developer edition. By the way I’ve changed my library to oteemo.

After logging in, I can not see the QualityProfiles. The page is empty with the following warning:
“There are no languages available. You cannot create a new profile.”

Well, I’ve solved it by installing them one by one from the library.
It’s weird because all languages were automatically installed on previous versions.

Hey there.

Did you follow the instructions in the Upgrade Guide?

Upgrading from the Docker image

To 8.2+

To upgrade to SonarQube 8.2+:

  1. Create a new sonarqube_extensions_8_x volume.
  2. Stop and remove the existing SonarQube container (a restart from the UI is not enough as the environment variables are only evaluated during the first run, not during a restart):
$ docker stop <container_id>
$ docker rm <container_id>

Thanks Colin,
Since I am running Rancher I couldn’t find a way to follow the instructions.