Custom create buildwrapper json to avoid parallel build issue with C++

I am trying to run c++ analysis during a build, the build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe fails to generate the proper build-wrapper-output.
I created a script that generates a similar output without having to run the executable before executing buck. This approach works fine, but in some cases, I now see previous bugs are no longer caught. What are the key components of the json file that help sonar identify the bugs ? does it actually use the command line parapmeters or does it need a source list of cpp files to run static analysis ?
here is a sample of my fake sonar dump that I feed to the server once the build finishes:

        {"version": 0, "captures":[{"compiler": "msvc-cl",
        "executable": "C:\\phi\\means\\empty\\CL.exe",
        "cmd": [
        "cwd": "C:\\git\\workspace\\cppPorjectDirectory",
        "env": []

Hi @abdul,

you should not generate build-wrapper-dump.json file manually, that is highly discouraged and not supported.

Why are you saying there are build issues with buck and the build-wrapper? Could you elaborate a bit?

What is the issue if you run build-wrapper --out-dir cfamily-output buck clean build?

The problem was an empty wrapper output after the build.
Disabling buck deamon makes the build work fine, refer to disabling buckd: . Hope this helps

Hi @abdul,

yes, the compiler processes must be in the same process tree of build-wrapper process. Build daemons have to be disabled, same for gradle and bazel.