Build Wrapper not populating build-wrapper-dump.json

Command used: c:/windriver70/wrenv.exe -p vxworks-7 c:\SonarScanner\build-wrapper-win-x86\build-wrapper-win-x86-64.exe --out-dir c:/Scan make
Language: C++ make, WindRiver Workbench, vxworks

After running the command, the build-wrapper-dump.json file does not get populated. The build completes, but the build-wrapper logs have multiple instances of skipping process which we think may be causing the file to not get populated. We have run the command above in a variety of different ways including doing a make clean

Possibly related to how we are using the wrenv command?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hey there.

I would suggest uploading your build-wrapper.log file, which will help folks understand how the compiler is being called (and which specific compiler).

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll upload the beginning of the log file here. Please let me know if it does not have the necessary context to help with this topic.
build-wrapper.log (4.2 KB)

Hi @loss0527, and thanks for sharing the issue with us.

I am afraid I couldn’t identify the problem by looking at the partial log file you shared. Would it be okay with you to share the full log?

I can send you a private message if you prefer to share it privately.


Ah great idea, I’ll go ahead and send it in a private message.
Thank you

Hi @loss0527, thanks for taking the time to report the issue to us.

I have identified the problem and created [CPP-4783] - Jira to track work on it. For the time being, is it possible to use a different compiler to build your project under build-wrapper and run the analysis?

Best regards,

Hello Michael,

Thank you for submitting an issue, I am not sure if using a different compiler is possible but we will certainly give it a try if it is. Otherwise, we will wait for progress on the issue. Thank you for your time looking into this.


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