Create a bug\task in Azure DevOps directly from the portal


do you know if there is the possibility to open a bug\task directly from the portal? If not, what do you think to add this integration?


I don’t really understand what you are asking for, can you clarify please?

Hi Fabrice,

sure… We are using Azure DevOps to manage our ALM lifecycle. As you know you can create sprints, tasks, bugs etc in azure devops.

My suggestion is to have the possibility to create a bug\task in Azure DevOps directly from SonarCloud platform, for example adding an additional button here:

does it make sense?

OK, I see what you mean. What you are asking for is not possible. To be 100% clear, it used to exist a long time ago (“create JIRA ticket”) but the feature was dropped. You will find why on the following blog post that I wrote at that time: It’s a bit old but still relevant on why we believe such feature does not make sense.

Hope this makes sense for you!

Maybe it’s time to put that feature back in. I would love to be able to create a bug directly in azure devops from SonarCloud, I hate swivel chair processes.