Changing severity is no longer posible

Previously, we changed some of the Blockers or Critical severities. Now we no longer have that option. Sonar’s document says it is not possible to change it anymore. However, we still need it, Have there been any solutions recommended by your team to get around this issue? we want to analyze our code based on Sonar’s default and also our cloned version where the severities are modified by us.

Hi @asd_asdasd,

Thanks for raising this topic.

Could you share more about what is motivating you folks to change the severities?
That would help us suggest a workaround.

For example, I will change the severities of a rule like using //NOSONAR to bypass the issue.
If I change it to blocker and set the gate for blocker issues, it will be easier and have less impact than setting the gate with major issues.

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