Changing project binding from Bitbucket to Gitlab - Roadmap feature

We have recently migrated from Bitbucket to Gitlab. Unfortunately, this means that our project binding is now invalid and whilst this is OK for introducing simply scans into our pipelines and viewing the results of those scans in SonarCloud, it has meant I am unable to use SonarCloud’s Pull Request feature. This actually causes our merge request pipelines to fail in GitLab, since the Sonar step will automatically detect it is a merge request and attempt to look for a PR URL.

We found this feature request: and it is exactly what we need.

I would really love to avoid going through the process of setting up a new organisation and closing down the existing one just to get our pipelines working properly again. I also don’t want to lose the history we already have.

Is there an estimate on when this feature may be available? I am having to weigh up the advantages / disadvantages of waiting for this feature vs creating a new organisation.


Hey there.

We’ve made big steps in changing the project binding this year (within a DevOps platform), but not so much on the organization binding. The roadmap item you’ve linked only relates to changing the binding within a DevOps platform.

I don’t have any ETA to share regarding organization bindings, not even “this year” vs. “next year”.

That said, I’m going to flag this for attention because I think we should have a roadmap card for this, and maybe there’s other information I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Hi Colin,

Thanks for replying, this really helps me make the decision and that’ll be for us to change to a new organisation and start fresh.


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