Change default branch for Applications in 8.6.0 Developer Edition

I am using * Developer Edition * Version 8.6 (build 39681)

I created an application and associated it with my projects and created branches. However, my branches are all based on release number (e.g. default branch is “8.1.0” and other branches are “8.0.0” and “8.0.1”). For applications, I cannot seem to find a way to eliminate the master branch and/or change the definition for the default branch. Since none of my projects even have a branch named “master”, what exactly is the makeup of the master branch of the Application? It appears to show the same results as “8.1.0” so maybe “master” just means to use the default branches of all projects? For political correctness, I would rather not see that branch name at all, let me rename it just like for projects. If it has to stay, it seems “default” is a clearer name anyway.

Howdy Andrew,

Thanks for your question. Your assumption about the nature of the “master” branch for Applications is correct - it serves as a label over the default branches for the projects in that Application.

Unfortunately, you cannot change that branch name as you can with the other application branch you create on the Application Settings > Application Branches page.

However, we share your concern and have identified this as an issue for exactly the same reason you mentioned. You can track one of the related issues here:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


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@Aaron_Montana1 Calling it master is really confusion as it clashes with the master branch which most projects have. Can you please rename that to main-branch or default-branch? Or allow to rename it.
Update: Can be ignored - just saw that there is already a ticket open

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