Change default branch

Is it possible to change default branch from master to develop, in the community version ?
We are using version 6.7.5 at the moment.

We are mostly interested in the develop branch since all development is done there.


Hi Anders,

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but just analyzing Develop instead of Master should do the trick.


Ok, and how do we do that, just specifying :branch in the Key ?

Instead of checking out master for analysis, check out Develop.


Well, we do but seems like sonarqube is using master anyway, that is the confusing part!

Okay! So you’re going to see that labeled “master”, and there’s nothing you can (currently) do about that. Just know that it really is the version you’re interested in.

Hm, good!
But one issue we have is when using the Sonar plugin in Bitbucket to visualize sonar results there.
The sonar results are only visibel in Master branch in Bitbucket gui insted of Develop, which is not so convenient.


I think this probably works as expected in Developer Edition($)


Ok, so it’s not possibly to change the key or something else in sonarqube ?


You can change the project key, but you cannot change the branch name below Developer Edition($).